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All We’d Ever Need February 14, 2011

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Happy Valentines Day everyone!! Im going to make this post short and sweet since I have a class tonight (bummer I know). I was going to make a mushy gushy little post but eh I passed on it.

I should’ve been chasing you
I should’ve been trying to prove
That you were all that mattered to me
I should’ve said all the things
That I kept inside of me
Then maybe I could’ve made you believe
That what we had was all we’d ever need
-Lady Antebellum (click here for the whole song)


Hair- Truth– Kalista in Mocha
Skin- Plastik– Ataciara- Elven- Muted- Anjou- Smudge
Dress- Amanda’s– Valentines Dress 2011
Shoes- Heart & Sole– Mile High in Woods
Necklace- Glow Studio– Rudolph in Love in Gold
Bracelet and Ring- U&R Dogs– Gondoliera
Tattoo- The Habitat- Poision Oak (w/bird) [CLOSED]
Manicure- Rezlpsa Loc– Raven Nails
Ears- Buried- Elven Ear #Abyss [ I cant find a landmark.]
Piercing- Ipoke– Secrets
Doll- Dead Love Voodoo doll made by Artemis Rexie


Changin Me February 6, 2011

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As Im sure everyone knows, Valentine’s Day is about a week away. For some it means flowers, little heart shaped candies and snuggles. For others its a gloomy day where you sit home alone and eat ice cream and candy all by yourself. I just treat it like any other day I guess, or i spend the day with my family. No matter how you think of Valentines Day every girl loves having cute panties to strut around in xD.

I got sunshine in my pocket
I got such a perfect day
I’m feeling kinda worthy
It says smile on my face
It’s written on my face

I don’t know where I’m going but I’m bound to see
Of what I’m capable of being if the world say to me
And I know, he know, she knows, we know
I can change history but history is what’s changin’ me
Hey it’s changin’ me

I got my heart tied in my pocket
I got a dollar to my name
I made ’em both a promise
That they’re not gonna go to waste
No not today yeah
-Cady Groves

Please Refrain 1

Please Refrain 2

Please Refrain 3

Hair- Truth– Saffron in Mocha
Skin- Pink Fuel– Skye in Chai- Beestung
Lingerie- Izzie’s– Heart Undies in Big Hearts
Heels- Pixel Mode– Baby T’s in Black
Piercing- Ipoke– Secrets
Gazebo- Michigans Shack– Gazebo D’Amore ( This gazebo is perfect for a Valenties hangout with your significant other. There are cuddles, dances, poses and all kinds of things. Theres something for the clean girlies and something for the naughty ones too haha! It comes with a curtain option and overall its really cute!)


My Life for Hire January 30, 2011

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Sorry about the delay in posts you guys. I have been busy with school and all that jazz. But today being Sunday I dont have much to do so I used my time to make a post!!

Somebody give me a sign
That everything is going as planned,
And then everything falls away
Into the darkness of this shallow place.
The detail is striking,
The rooms cold and frightening
You’ll kick and you’ll scream,
You’ll try everything to survive,
But you should know your fate by now.

They told me, how I should be,
But I broke the mould somehow

It’s too late, too late.
You keep trying to resolve the past right now.
But I swear I’ll be the one
To let the world know what you’ve done to me.
-A Day to Remember



Hair- !Lamb– Heart in Snickers
Skin- Pink Fuel– Chai in Flirt
Top- WoE– Trinity Ribbed Tank in White
Vest- P.S Style– Vest, One Button in Red
Skirt- Doppelganger Inc.- Cut-Off Jean Skirt in Grey
Shoes- Surf Couture– Boardwalkers in Sand Shack
Tattoo- V Tattoo– Love Letter
Mouth Piercing- iPoke– Secrets
Eye Piercing- Buried– Basic Piercings- Anti Eyebrow with Shadow
Pose- Oh My Stars– Kira Takes A Wrong Turn


Oh Darling January 26, 2011

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Its getting closer and closer to Valentines Day (which im sure yall know), so I decided to make a cute little couples post. Im not a big fan of vday but lots of people are, so without further adieu…

You seem quite nice for a girl with good looks
And I’m the kinda fellow that’ll make you feel better when your life gets shook
So give it a chance according to your plans
I bet I’m not number one on your list to kiss, but please understand

You seem quite shy, but you’re oh so cute
And I’m the kind of girl that would love to be yours if you asked me to
So just take a chance, try to hold my hand
I swear I’d never let go
Just let me know if you’d be my man

I really want to come out and tell you
Oh darling, I love you so
If you’d ask me for my heart, there’s no way that I’ll say no
Oh darling, just take a chance please
So we can stay together till hell starts freeze
-Cady Groves

in the rain-blog

Hair- Magika– Aina in Browns
Skin- Pink Fuel– Chai in Flirt
Top- Nyte N Day– Cont Sweater in Pink and Grey
Jeans- Decoy– Dana 76 Jeans in Dark 1
Boots- Baby Monkey– Malia Boot in Black
Necklace- Happy Finds– Zakka Necklace

On Anders-
Hair- Aitui– Sleepwalk Hair in Black
Skin- Buried– Fate II in Fair 01
Outfit- Phoenix Rising– Everywhere in Grey
Shoes- Urban Bomb Unit– PornStar Lo-Tops
Ears- Aitui– Type 2 Stretched Ear- Human 1/2″

Pose- OoO Studio– Sentimental


We R Who We R January 24, 2011

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Sometimes you just need someone to talk to and act goofy around. I have lots of those kind of friends, and this one here has dubbed herself bitty. We dont hang as much as we used to but when we do its a giggle fest.

I’ve got that glitter on my eyes
Stockings ripped all up the side
Looking sick and sexy-fied
So let’s go-o-o (Let’s go!)

Tonight we’re going hard
Just like the world is ours
We’re tearin’ it apart
You know we’re superstars
We are who we are!
We’re dancing like we’re dumb
Our bodies go numb
We’ll be forever young
You know we’re superstars
We are who we are!

Snapshot_018 copy

On Bitty-
Hair-Truth-Valerie in Chocolate
Skin-Monday.ish-Kim Tan (Store closed)
Lingerie-Fishy Straberry-Soignee Yellow
Heels-Bad Kitty -Maggie-Black
Makeup-YS & YS -Freckles
Piercing- annaA -Bhutas

On Oce-
Hair- Truth– Audrey in Mocha
Skin- Belleza– Alyson in Medium
Makeup- Kyoot– Cateye 1, Pretty Pinks 3
Lingerie- Fishy Strawberry– Soignee 2011 in Red
Shoes- Pixel Model– Baby T’s in Black
Tattoo- V Tattoo– Love Letter
Ears- Aitui– Type 3 Stretched Ear in Human with Talons
Nails- Rezipsa Loc– Raven Nails
Piercing- Skream- New Generation

Pose- Glitterati– Hip Bump


We Are Young January 22, 2011

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As you can see this post is full of pink! I also got an awesome new tattoo that im excited about =D I hope you guys enjoy the post. Leave me some comments with ideas for post themes and suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated!

Windows down
Pedal to the sneakers
Turn up the volume
Blow up the speakers
Best clothes on
Goin down on fire
Turn the lights off
Turn the music higher
I broke free, cast away
Won’t find me
And now your never gonna break me down, gonna break me down
This is all I can take, so farewell cause your never gonna find me now, gonna find me now

We are young! we are young!
We drink and we fight and we love just because we are numb,
We’re on the run and you’re never gonna chase us down.
We are young.


On Marci-
Hair- BC322 -Trick Candy-Pink -Old LB prize
Skin- (Will update this later)
Face Makeup- Cheap Makeup– Gutter liner
Shirt- :CB: Casual V-neck Pink
Jeans- ::JZ:: Think P!nk – Girly-Girl Jeans -Past Hunt Gift
Heels-Store Here– Skull Heel Black/Pink Dots
Necklace- Iced– Briella Necklace Pink heart
Glasses- Imani- Iziz-sunglasses Pink-tone3:(cherry)
Nails- RezIpsa Loc– Taste the Rainbow Nails

One Oce-
Hair- Truth– Cindy in Mocha
Skin- Belleza– Alyson in Medium
Makeup- Kyoot– Cateye 1 in Pretty Pinks 3
Top- Friday– Travelers Tank in Pink
Skirt- Paperdoll– Denim Mini in Pink Zebra
Heels- Pixel Mode– Baby T’s in Black
Nails- Rezipsa Loc– Raven Nails
Ears- Aitui– Type 3 Stretched Ear in Human w/ Talons
Tattoo- V Tattoo– Love Letter
Piercing- Skream- New Generation (Now Closed)

On Dolores-
Hair- Truth– Wilma in Colors
Skin- Imagen– Sur- Natural Gloss
Dress- !Right – Angelie pink (Store is Closed)
Shoes- Baby Monkey – Bardot Pumps in Pink Leopard
Bubblegum- Pink Fuel– Yum Bubblegum

Group Pose- Atooly– Proposers Hunt Gift!


This is the tattoo on Oce. I just wanted to show you guys the whole thing!
Panties- Alexohol- Starlust Panty Raid Hunt Gift
Singles Poses- Glitterati– Breast Cancer Awareness Month Set


Dressed Up to Undress January 21, 2011

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Yesterday my mind was drawing a blank on what I should blog. My bebff (beautimous equal best friend forever) Kells told me they had a new set of lingerie at Action that had cupcakes on them so of course I had to go get them! I love cupcakes. While I was there I got a few other things too.

Can you keep up?
Can you compete?
You tip and you toe to the middle of where we meet (where we meet)
And your all ears and I’m all eyes
You take a lead and I’ll take off my disguise (my disguise)

Why you dressing up tonight?
We don’t need money to kill the lights.
Why you talking over it?
I don’t need words to feel those lips.
And now you fired up for it.
Anything we want is in our grip
It seems to me that we could be
Dressed up to undress.

Uh oh oh

You pick me up
I’ll take you down
I’ll tip and I’ll toe to the back of your mind somehow (somehow)
If I confess would you come clean?
You take off the mask and we’ll live like royalty (uh oh oh like royalty uh oh oh)
-Breathe Carolina

(I have been messing around with photoshop elements so heres the results)



On Oce:
Hair- Llamb– Teased up in Snickers (only 30L!)
Skin- Belleza– Alyson in Medium
Makeup- Cheap Makeup– Liner + Lashers #6
Dress- Action– Womens Fling Dress in Floral 1
Heels- Heart & Sole– Mile High in Woods (color change!)
Lingerie Set 1- Action– Bra & Cheekie Panties in Luv
Lingerie Set 2- Action– Bra & Boi Shorts in Cutie Cake
Chest Tattoo- Aitui– Pretty Birds Flock
Hip Tattoo- Aitui– A Simple Galaxy
Piercing- Skream- New Generation (now closed)